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The following videos were compiled to offer a different approach to exploring the form and function of an Exclusive Buyer Agent. On this page you can find:

  • A comparison of the different types of real estate agents
  • The advantages of Exclusive Buyer Agents
  • One veteran home buyer's first time experience with an Exclusive Buyers Agent
  • An informational video from the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
  • A brief history of Exclusive Buyers Agents
  • Using an Exclusive Buyer Agent

    “The Smartest Way To Buy A Home”
    By TheBalancingAct
    Via YouTube – 5:39

    Hear the Executive Director and the President of National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents explain the ins and outs of Exclusive Buyer Agents and the advantages of letting an EBA help you find your new home.

    One Man’s Exclusive Buyer Agent Success Story

    “Why to use an Exclusive Buyers Agent”
    by newhomedreams
    via YouTube – 2:40

    Testimonial from a home-buyer moving from California to North Carolina who shares his positive first-time experience with his Exclusive Buyer Agent.

    Know Who Your Real Estate Agent Is Working For

    “Buying a Home – Exclusive Buyer Agents and Others
    By ebainmadison
    Via YouTube – 2:21

    Smart Money’s Jean Chatzky talks to Bryant Gumbel about the four types of real estate agents and what you’re really getting when you hire them.

    Why Should I Hire an Exclusive Buyer Agent?

    “Why Should I Hire an Exclusive Buyer Agent?”
    By naebaus
    Via YouTube – 2:15

    Educational video from the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) on the real estate specialists that are Exclusive Buyer Agents.

    The History of Exclusive Buyer Agents

    “What’s an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent?”
    by suhoffbreg
    via Youtube – 1:06

    A Minneapolis Exclusive Buyer Agent discusses how the need for the fair and loyal treatment of buyers brought about the creation of Exclusive Buyer Agents.

    Groups such as the Consumer Federation of America and AARP recommend using buyer's agents."
    - SmartMoney Magazine

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